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Learn how to process and analyze data, build innovative data products, and use machine learning and data engineering methods to streamline your operations. Our data science training will equip you and your team with the analytical and technical skills you need to work more efficiently, produce better results, and arrive at better data-driven decisions.

Data Science and Analytics Courses


Data Science for Executives & Managers

Gain a high-level understanding of the analytics workflow, analytic techniques, and cognitive biases. Learn about tools and techniques for creating visualizations and interpreting data as well as limitations and ethical issues surrounding big data analysis.

Intro to Data Science with Python

Learn how to analyze and extract insights from data using one of the most popular tools for data analysis today. Gain hands-on experience programming with Python and familiarity with Python's syntax, data structures, control flow, and data analysis libraries. 

Building Data Apps with Python

Learn how to structure a data product using every stage of the data science pipeline in this project-based, hands-on course. Gain experience ingesting data from the web, wrangling data into a structured database, and building a data-driven application.

R Statistical Programming

Learn how to import, manipulate, and analyze data with R - a powerful, open source statistical programming language. Gain hands-on experience programming with R in addition to performing data exploration, visualization, and machine learning on real-world data sets.

Data Engineering with Python

Learn how to acquire, clean, model, and store large volumes of data acquired from the web. Develop the ability to create and manage big data pipelines, set up analytics infrastructure, and learn how to select the right technologies for the problem at hand.

Statistical Data Analysis

Gain hands-on experience applying statistical methods to data. Learn how to use descriptive and inferential statistics, probabilistic and Bayesian methods, regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and more to extract valuable insights from data sets. 

Machine Learning with Python

Learn about supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods for regression, classification, and clustering. Gain experience implementing different types of algorithms, feature engineering, training and evaluating models, and building machine learning pipelines.

Visual Analytics With Python

Gain an understanding of how to perform visual exploration, reporting, and storytelling using Python’s data visualization libraries. Learn visual diagnostics that can be incorporated into the machine learning workflow for more informed feature selection and modeling. 

Advanced Analysis with Excel

Go beyond the basics and master data analysis with Excel. Learn how to clean and manipulate raw data, apply analytic techniques to visualize complex data sets, solve optimization problems via linear programming, and automate analysis and reporting with macros. 

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Learn about the opportunities and challenges that come with analyzing very large data sets. Gain a comprehensive overview of the Hadoop ecosystem as well as hands-on experience analyzing data and performing machine learning with MapReduce, Spark, and other big data technologies. 

NLP & Text Analytics with python

Learn how to computationally read, preprocess, and analyze text data using Python libraries like NLTK, gensim, spacy, and more. Gain hands-on experience with corpus-building, tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, information extraction, topic modeling, text classification, and document clustering. 

Network Analysis With Python

Learn how to identify connections between entities and analyze the relationships those connections represent. Gain experience traversing and querying graphs, clustering to identify communities, creating network visualizations, and generating predictions from network data.


Any of our courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Completely customized courses are also available.



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